Shastravahini and our school has been consistently working together for last 4 years, through several activities which support the curricular studies and are very much popular among the children. Through the famous FW (Foundation Workshop) activity for Std. 3 and 4 children, all children have experienced the joy of learning. The Science project work activity conducted for Std. 5 and 6 has benefited most of them in understanding science and mathematics. Through the other Skill Development Activities like Aakashkandil making, Killa making and eco-friendly Ganesh Idol making, Shastravahini has already reached almost every student. Even the Std. 8 and 9 students have experienced the power of Learning by doing, when Curriculum Related Project workshops were conducted for them.

From this year this activity will be more regularly conducted during the school time for the students of Std. 3 to 10, who would join in. Since about 55 to 60 sessions of one hour each will be made available, good amount of work, which will be age-appropriate as well as curriculum-appropriate, could be done in these sessions. Since CBSC curriculum expects a lot of hands-on activity work, we have re-designed the program to incorporate many activities as described in curriculum and beyond it. This helps a lot in understanding the logic in learning, WHY something should be done ? As a result, the children become more confident and develop interest in education. We want to promote LEARNING, not Coaching ! Activities and exercises designed by us do exactly the same, additionally, they also develop a lot of skills as well as patience of working.