Organic (Food) Gardening

Introduction for the hobby
Organic Food Gardening gives a experiential learning experience to students for growing their own food. In current scenario the children are unaware of where their grains, fruits & vegetables comes from, whether it is grown naturally & ethically without damaging the soil & soil Eco-System. Through this activity children at young age are exposed & connected to natural methods of growing food. It also gives them a practical way to understand the entities of nature like soil, insects, birds, earthworms, plants. All these entities in nature are connected to each other & help children in understanding balance of life. A worldwide survey done finds those children who touch & play in soil have less chances of falling sick & remaining healthy due to excellent immunity due to presence to huge diversity of beneficial microbes in soil.

About Hemal
Hemal is an Ex-Software professional who left behind software profession in 2013 to explore interesting & exciting area of Organic Farming & Gardening. Meanwhile he learnt Organic ways of Urban Farming in smallest spaces & easiest methods. He learnt that Gardening can be explored, discovered & mastered by directly plunging into practice in whatever space available in cities. During the last 2 years he has trained 1000+ Gardening Enthusiasts all over Pune. He has played a integral role in development of Millennium Annarai & Sustainability Initiatives in Millennium National School. He leads nature camps, private batches & guides other schools in developing initiatives based on natural element of learning.

Take Away for Students
The children will be equipped with knowledge experienced & discovered by Hemal during his journey of exploring ecological diversity through Organic Gardening. They will reconnect with food, soil, water & dynamic elements of nature & their equilibrium in maintaining a balance. They will learn about Annarai – a Food Forest in Urban scenario. Along with the Children will be given a Terrace Gardening starter Kit with a Vegetable Tray, Compost Bin, Compost soil, seeds & tool to learn, practice gardening at home in balcony or terrace. This kit will be a personal space for the child to explore Gardening in smallest space & is as good a PlayStation or Sports Kit offered for playing & learning.