Mr. Mrugendra Mohodkar is learning and performing Indian classical Music since 8 years. Mrugendra is the disciple of Pt. Rupak Kulkarni. He has been working as a Flutist and performed as a solo artist and accompanying artist. Mrugendra has completed his M.Tech. from COEP and now working as a full time Musician. He runs an a Flute Learning Academy – ‘The Blissful Winds’ in Pune.
Sessions in school will include the following:
  • Basic information about Flute and Indian Music Culture
  • Indian Classical Music Theory
  • Raagas which are covered under Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Syllabus. Classical training will be three times a week. This course will include both Classical and semi classical training.
  • Semi- Classical training includes mainly songs and non classical training which will be a two day program per week.
  • Techniques for playing Indian Bamboo Flute
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Demo Videos and stage performance Techniques
Performance Details:
  • Performed for Kappa TV “Music Mojo Season 5” (2017)
  • Performed at Prithwi Festival with the Band ‘Nair Aunty’s Curry’(2016)
  • Performed at different venues in Mumbai such as Bhau Daji Ladh Museum as a part of NGO called NSPA
  • Performed for TV9 Maharashtra in their special event carried out for Janmashtami.
  • Performed on Air for Radio City Mumbai.
  • Worked for a background music for a web series by Balaji Telefilms.
  • Attended “18th National Level Youth festival -2014’’ and represented Maharashtra for Flute at Ludhiana, Punjab, organized by Government of India.
  • Winner of “Kailaswasi Andrutkar Kalawant shodh Abhiyan” held at Nasik (2016)
  • Winner in “Instrumental Vadan” Cultural competition Maffick KKWIEER.(2012 & 2013)
  • Secured Second position in “Instrumental Vadan” –At district level Youth Festival.
  • Winner in Instrumental Vadan (Flute) “District level youth festival 2013-14” held at Pune, by Government of Maharashtra.
  • Winner in Instrumental Vadan (Flute) “Zonal level Youth festival 2013- 14” held at Azam Campus Pune, by Government of Maharashtra.
  • Winner in Instrumental Vadan (Flute) “State Level Youth festival 2013-14” held at Osmanabad, by Government of Maharashtra.
  • Winner in “Instrumental Vadan” Cultural competition Maffick KKWIEER.(2014).
  • Winner in Firodiya Karandak 2016, Pune for Best Flutist award.
Performance Links:
  1. A classical instrumental program. Performed Rag Des.
  2. Kappa TV performance “ Music Mojo”
  3. With the Band “Nair Aunty’s curry “ at The Finch. A fusion In Rag Jog.
  4. Performance with Nair Aunty’s Curry Band.