A premier Chess Institute which aims to introduce Chess to every child, by making it as a part of the school curriculum, not only to improve their cognitive and emotional capabilities but also to create future Grand Masters and World Champions

The Chess In School (CIS) Program

The CIS Program aims to develop a cult of ‘Chess Literacy’ wherein all the students of a specific grade are introduced to Chess. Thus in few years, all the students from the School become literate in Chess.
  • This year long program will help the students gain the benefits of playing Chess
  • Regular monitoring, examinations and individual report cards gives the program an essential feedback loop which helps in the Development of the Program
  • Specified Syllabus (recognized by FIDE) and Certification from the recognized State Body gives the Program the essential Standardization and the Importance

Why should Chess be taught in School?
The Children get better at:

  • Mathematics and Basic Arithmetic
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Vocabulary and Reading

Chess plays a vital part in personality development

  • It helps in making the child
  • Self Confident
  • Disciplined
  • Patient
  • Creative

Chess has been introduced as a part of the school curriculum in many countries with very positive results

  • Even in some places in India, Chess has been made compulsory in the school curriculum
  • Many schools in various districts in Maharashtra have adopted the program of Chess In School with excellent results

Selected students from each class will get to participate in our tournament

  • Assessments tests and internal tournaments will be held regularly
  • Every teaching lecture will include teaching, problem solving, playing and meditation

Outcome and Future Scope

Budding Chess Players are identified through the talent search mechanism and are guided towards higher and serious chess education
  • The students who start having a liking for the game can join different chess academies to learn and play chess further
  • All the students gain the benefits of the program and hence are developed intellectually
  • The intellectual development of the students is seen in their academics and can be monitored by the school and developed further