Fun Fitness Football Academy

Fun Fitness Football Academy currently offers football coaching through 4 training centers across the Pune City for kids between the ages of 4 and 19 years. And this will be our second successful coaching year at The Millennium National School.

Achievements / Highlights of last year ( 2017-18) at The Millennium National School

  • More than 150 students had enrolled for Annual Football Coaching
  • More than 50 practice games conducted at weekends
  • Participated at 4 major tournaments at Interschool Level
  • Uder-14 girls – Reached ZP Q Final and at Challenger public school cup stood winners!
  • Under 17 boys- At Sakal Cup and at CBSE School Competition reached Q Finals , at Subroto cup reached pre-Q Finals.
  • Under 17 girls – CBSE and Sakal Cup reached S Final
  • Under 14 boys – Reached Q Final and Z.P Q Final ( Subroto 3rd round)

Fun Fitness Football Academy aims to provide a stage to cultivate talent within grassroots & youth football players through the bespoke development program designed & implemented by qualified coaches

We aim to plan to provide the complete path to an amateur towards becoming a successful professional footballer , creating a complete ecosystem for player development through its regular training centers, advanced training centers.

We at Fun Fitness Football Academy deliver a high-intensity coaching program led by experienced and qualified coaches, and which uses the advanced methodology and technical materials. Individual attention is key to realizing any child’s potential, and with a maximum student-coach ratio of 16:1, each child will get the personalized feedback they need to improve every single day.

Our Training Methodology

  • Technical: ball control, passing, shooting, dribbling, juggling
  • Physical: coordination, speed, endurance, strength, flexibility
  • Psychological: self-belief, daring & trying, fighting spirit, team spirit
  • Tactical: reading and seeing the game, playing without the ball


  • Progress and performance monitoring through well-designed tests and precise assessments
  • Video analysis
  • Our curriculums are structured, progressive and age-specific.
  • We focus on quality rather than quantity: children in our programs receive great individual attention.

Our Coaches Our Team:
Technical Directors

Dr. Atul Gaikwad and Vikram Deshmukh are the Technical Directors and are responsible for managing the daily operations of the academy and ensuring that the correct syllabus is being coached and fused into the training sessions appropriately. Along with academies high performances consultant coaches and visiting faculties they plan training programs to specifically suit and cater to all players of different ages.

Selection Criteria of lead Coaches and Assistant Coaches

All our coaches are carefully selected with the following criteria in mind:

  • Qualifications and Experience in dealing with kids in an extra-curricular sports environment
  • Good footballer
  • Sports teaching qualification, preferably in football
  • Sports teaching experience, preferably in football
  • Skills
  • Good pedagogy (ability to teach)
  • Positive, flexible and enthusiastic team player
  • Desire and ability to quickly learn and continuously improve
  • Fit (good physical condition)
  • Professional with good work and business ethics

Lead Coaches and Assistant Coaches:

The Technical Directors are also responsible for selecting coaches who conduct the training sessions. The coaches undergo a stringent process of interviews before selected, to ensure that our coaches are capable and passionate.

They all hold coaching licenses and are committed in coaching and bringing out the best in youth players. Coaches are specifically designated to different age groups, to cater to the varying development stages.

Visiting Faculties and consultants:

  • Vivek Nagul, Salim Pathan & Kaplana Das are our visiting faculties and consultant for FFFA.

Syllabus & Values

Our training sessions are conducted by expert coaches who incorporate the syllabus into the training program for the day. Fun Fitness Football Academy is more than just a football academy. It inculcates and instill proper life values that can be learnt and gained through the game, and will be invaluable to the player both on and off the pitch.

What we teach at Fun Fitness Football Academy:

  • We mainly focus on developing physical, interpersonal and social skills along with improving the player’s skills and enhancing his/her level
  • Fun Fitness Football Academy teaches techniques that will help them enhance their confidence and correct their attitude, on and off the pitch
  • We provide the players with the best learning environment where they can gain experience from professional coaches while maintaining a safe, positive and fun learning atmosphere
  • We teach our students that football is a team game and not an individual sport

Respect, Humility, Team work, Effort, Ambition are core values that we incorporate throughout our annual coaching program!

    Internal Matches
    Internal matches are held between different Fun Fitness Football Academy training centers and players get a chance to compete against each other. This is to ensure that the players receive playing time, which will improve their game, as well as provide an opportunity for the players to implement what they have learnt over the past weeks.
    The players will enjoy this vibrant experience, and at the same time, play under professional conditions, with a proper team entrances and match referees!
    Participate in Official Matches
    To provide match exposure for all our players, Fun Fitness Football Academy participates in external leagues and tournaments. This allows our players to pit themselves against other players their age, from all over the country. These external competitions are competitive, yet at the same time, provides an opportunity for the players to witness and experience playing against different levels and styles of football.

Domestic and International Tours

For performance enhancement, skill development and for better exposure we conduct various domestic and international tours.

Skill development clinics and Football Carnival are contagious part of our training program!
Extended weekend batches for extra practice and for team development are conducted on regular basis!