About Cricket Next Academy

Cricket Next Academy (Reg.No .Mahrashtra / 1454 / 2004 / Pune) was established in 1996 by Dr. Atul Gaikwad and Vikram Deshmukh to fulfill the need of scientific cricket coaching, to provide a strong platform for needy students, to explore hidden talent and to endure holistic development of every student.
Cricket Next Academy runs state-of-the-art cricket coaching at various venues which is available to all age groups, clubs, schools, individuals, corporate & state teams. At academy, we ensure that all students have a fun and safe time learning and playing cricket. At present we are successfully running centers at Mukundnagar, Bishops’s School & Vimannagar.
Cricket Next Academy are responsible for delivering high performance cricket programs and to create environments that support coaches, athletes and teams to perform at their best for all competition. In addition, we nurture and identify School’s next generation of smart athletic cricketers, providing the right support at the right time to ensure school continues to achieve sporting success.


Create a sustainable and affordable program that identifies and nurtures cricketers with the realistic capability to:
  • Become Competent Cricket team at Interschool level
  • To prepare players to represent state level
  • Generate revenue for School / institute
  • Provide appropriate opportunities, experiences and performance management at each level of the program so that, should they progress within the sport, students are prepared to succeed at the highest level

Aim & Objective to Start Cricket Academy

  • Endure holistic development in every student
  • Impart scientific coaching & training
  • Create platform to excel at higher level
  • Use high-quality specialist coaching with optimal use of sports sciences
  • Enhance the skills, fitness, social life of the individual players

About Dr. Atul Gaikwad

Role: Director of Coaching & Head Coach

Coaching Qualification
  • Level 3 High Performance Coach – BCCI ( 2004)
  • Level 3 High Performance Coach – Cricket Australia (2010)
Allied Qualification
  • Level 1 Strength & Conditioning coach – BCCI (2010)
  • Certified Yogic Science Teacher- Maharashtra Mandal,Pune (2006)
  • Certified Aqua trainer –Symbiosis (2007)
  • Certified Sports Massage Therapist – Sporting Spirit, Mumbai (2005)
  • Certified First Aid & C.P.R
  • Certified Child Care & Protection course- U.K (2012)
Education Qualification
  • Ph.D (University of Pune- 2014)
  • N.E.T ( 2012)
  • S.E.T ( 2009)
  • M.P.Ed.(North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon- 2007)
  • B.P.Ed. (University of Pune- 2005)
Playing Experience
  • Captain of Nowrosjee Wadia college team (1993- 98)
  • Captain of University of Pune Cricket team ( 1996-98)
  • U19 State squad of MCA
  • Strong knowledge of development pathways and sports coaching methods.
  • Intimate understanding of sports science, principles of human movement, mental toughness, coaching and sport development and teaching techniques
  • Skilled at holistic development of player, talent identification, individual & squad development programs
Work Experience

Director & Head Coach Cricket Next Academy Since 1996
Specialist Coach Batting & Bowling BCCI Specialized Academy 2012 to 2014
Batting Coach & Team Coach BCCI- West Zone Academy 2015
Teaching Faculty National Cricket Academy 08/2004 to 2010
State Coach Maharashtra Cricket Association 2009 to 2011
Lead Coach B.C.C.I U16 south zone 4/2009
Fielding Coach / Assistant Coach National Cricket Academy ( BCCI) U-17 5/2007 to 11/2007
Assistant coach / Fielding Coach BCCI (India Women’s team) 7/2005 & 5/ 2008
Head Coach Riverdale International School Since 06/2004
Director of Coaching Pune District Cricket Association 4/2007 to 5/2008
State Coach Maharashtra Cricket Association 3/2002 to 1/2003
Chief Coach Kiran More International Academy 5/2003 to 8/ 2003
Coach Nowrosjee Wadia College 1998 to 2004
Membership & Association
  • Member of Cricket Australia Coaches Association
  • Member of England Cricket Board Coaches Association

About Vikram Deshmukh

Role : Director of Operations

Expertise & Experience :
  1. State of art infrastructure development
  2. Cricket ground development & maintenance
Achievements of Cricket Next Academy
  • Devika Vaidya, Tejal Hasabnis played for India ,India U-19 & Maharashtra
  • Rohan Damle played for Maharashtra U-14,16,19 & 23
  • Abhinav Puri Played Ranji Trophy for Jammu & Kashmir, Rishabh Rathod for Vidarbha U-23
  • U-14 Champions at CCA tournament in United Kingdom
  • Conducted more than 200 domestic tours and more than 20 international Cricket Tours to United Kingdom, Singapore, Srilnaka ,Dubai etc

Our team

We have pool of more than 30 qualified & experienced coaches. All are certified in First Aid & Certified Level 1 coaches , such as Mayur Makar, Satish Gaikwad, Prem Ahire, Ashutosh Mangawe, Sagar Shah, Swapnil Patil, Sarika Dakare and many more. Most of these coaches have played till club/state / university level and are trained under watchful eyes of Dr. Atul Gaikwad
  • Physiotherapist : Dr. Kashmira Sabnis
  • Video Analyst : Venugopal Rao
  • Master Coaches: We also have visiting Master Coaches who share their experience & run specialized coaching clinics. To name a few :-
    • Lalchand Rajput ( Former Test Player)
    • Sameer Dighe ( Former Test Player)
    • Karsan Ghavri ( Former Test player)
    • Dr. Rene Ferdinand’s ( International Coach & Biomechanist – Australia)
    • Carl Crowe ( ECB level 4 International Coach- England)

The Coaching Method / Philosophy

  • Coaching will based on LTAD (Long Term Athletic Development) model
  • Coaching will have Player Centered Approach: Putting the player at the center of every decision is a change in mind set that we want to achieve
  • Maximum session will be “Game Method Approach”
These methods are recommended by BCCI, England Cricket Board and Cricket Australia and these are also universally accepted and implemented in various games/ sports

Question: Does the school have any cricket infrastructure?
Answer – Yes. School is now in process of developing a cricket ground for practice matches and separate nets area. The basic infrastructure will be completed by August.


Question: What all technology will be used to enhance students’ performance?
Answer -Bowling machine to master batting skills, Speed gun to measure bowling speed and movement speed, video camera to capture and investigate all skills, movement analysis software to evaluate student’s skills in detail and to present report to parents. Along with this various coaching app will be used on day to day basis.


Question: How many days in a week coaching will be imparted?
Answer -5 days a week i.e from Monday to Friday. We will also have Special weekend batch , i.e on Saturday and Sunday. Timings will be according to class wise and school will inform you soon.


Question: What will be the dress code for students?
Answer -Basic School uniform is fine for practice.


Question: Do we have to buy full cricket kit?
Answer -No. All kit will be provided by Academy. But those students who want to carry their personal kit are most welcome. School has made provision to keep their kit.


Question: Will there be any groups according to age & skill?
Answer -: Yes, we will form groups according to age & skills. Students will come for coaching class wise and in given time slot according to school time table.


Question: How many students will be there in one group and how many coaches?
Answer – There will be maximum 15 to 20 students in one group with one lead coach and one assistant coach.


Question: What type of cricket ball will be used?
Answer – According age, skills and learning progression of students we will be introduced to different types of ball progressively- e.g. soft tennis balls, tennis ball (light & heavy), synthetic ball, Soft leather ball & regular leather ball, multi colored ball and various sizes.


Question: What about Saturday & Sunday?
Answer – We will also have exclusive Saturday & Sunday batch. Those who can’t make it during week days they can join weekend batch or those who want extra practice can join weekend Batches. Apart from these batches specific students will be called to play extra matches to get good match exposure. Additional charges will be applied if any students want to enroll for weekend batch. Timings of weekend will be confirmed later.


Question: Will my son /daughter get opportunity to play any matches or in any tournament?
Answer – Yes, there will be maximum number of matches, inter school; inter academy, private tournaments, domestic tours etc


Question: What about safety measures?
Answer – “Safety first & Fun at all time” is our main theme, our coaches are trained & have good experience in coaching, all are trained in First Aid. The programs are designed and equipment modified according to their age & skill.


Question: Do you enroll girls for coaching?
Answer – Yes.


Question: What if my child is absent for 3 /4 days or a week for short vacation with family?
Answer – NO problem, we will try to cover all that has been missed during his absence in the same batch. We can also cover up few missed sessions in next batch or month.


Question: Will there be any guest lecture or session on mental toughness, nutrition, life skills during annual camp?
Answer – Yes.


Question: Can we get refund if we wish to Cancel admissions or discontinue camp mid-way?
Answer – No, fees once paid are non – refundable or Non transferable.


Question: Will my son get any exposure to play matches outside Maharashtra or India?
Answer – Yes, Academy regularly conducts paid domestic & international tours. We believe in holistic growth of a child and so we offer students with a different kind of environment and match exposure. Playing at different venues ( Domestic and International –U.K ,South Africa, Australia ) and against good opponent, they get better learning on team culture , enhance cricket skills and leadership qualities, sharpen independent decision making etc. Dr. Atul Gaikwad and Vikram Deshmukh have successfully conducted more than 100 domestic cricket tours and 18 international cricket tours.


Question: What will be your coaching module?
Answer – It is based on guidelines provided by BCCI/NCA, Cricket Australia & ECB. It is based on Long Term Athletic Development Program & on Game Sense Training.


Question: My son has attended coaching earlier and he knows basic of cricket, so is there any advance coaching module for him?
Answer – Yes, the coaching module is different for Beginners, Intermediate & Advance.


Question: Can you please specify venues for cricket practice matches or tournament?
Answer – C.N.A katariya school ground, Bishops School cricket ground (camp/undri), Fun Fitness(vimannagar), Riverdale International School etc.


Question: What will be the timings for matches?
Answer – It will be flexible and we will inform parents a day before the match.


Question: Do we have to pay extra money as entry fee if my son /daughter gets selected to play any tournament?
Answer – It depends on whether the tournament is private or official. For any official inter school matches no entry will be charged ,school will take care of the entry fees, but for any private tournament students who are interested to play has to contribute for the entry & official fees.


Question: Will Academy / School make any arrangement to drop & pick during matches?
Answer – For any official interschool matches school will make arrangements. But for any private tournament parents have to take responsibility of drop & pick up. Or we all can contribute to hire a private bus for any private matches.


Question: Will there be any coaching program during vacation / holidays?
Answer – During holidays / vacation specialized coaching clinics will be organized for interested students. For e.g Master Coaches or expert coaches will be invited to share their experience and train our students, Cricket carnival will be organized, various skill development workshops, domestic or international tour will be arranged.


Question: Will academy coaches take physical fitness during coaching?
Answer – Yes. Physical fitness and coaching cricket skills goes hand in hand. Fitness will be introduced in every session and will be according to individual, age, skills and phase of competition.


Question: Will there be any Orientations for parents on Cricket Coaching / Academy?
Answer – Yes, soon school will inform you regarding an exclusive orientation session for parents. During this session, the head coach will present detail information on how coaching will be conducted and about the various functions of academy.


Question: What about formal assessment and annual program structure?
Answer – Yes, for the first two weeks we will only do assessment to understand natural skills of movement and cricket skills of each player. Fitness test will be conducted to understand basic fitness level and followed by video capture and analysis of skills.