Kuldeep Konde

Volleyball is loads of fun and a very social game. It’s the only hi-energy,
zero body contact, mixed team sport. Kuldeep Konde has devised a comprehensive volleyball training program to decrease injury and increase explosive power, jump height, stamina, speed and agility on the court. His teams have won national championships already. There is no better feeling than getting all of your anger out by slamming the ball to the other team’s floor.

Class 4 to 10
Sachin Gaiwal

Basketball is one of the fastest growing sports in India. The sport is perfectly suited for India as it is easy to play, inclusive and requires little infrastructure. Basketball continues to drive its audience off their seats. Sachin Gaiwal, who is a NIS trained coach plans for long term player development using positive impact coaching while focusing on core. Values and character building.

Class 3 to 10
Atul Gaikwad

Cricket Next Academy was established in 1996 by Dr. Atul Gaikwad and Vikram Deshmukh to fulfill the need of scientific cricket coaching, to provide a strong platform for needy students, to explore hidden talent and to endure holistic development of every student. We have successfully run both sustainable and affordable in-school programs as well as high performance camps for coaches, athletes and state teams. At academy, we ensure that all students have a fun and safe time learning and playing cricket and progress within the sport, to succeed at the highest level.Read More

Class 3 to 10
Rohit Chaudhari
Table tennis

Table tennis is a Iife long sport, that can be played competitively right up to adulthood. Being a non-contact sport, you don’t have to worry about those bruises or even broken bones that you can get in contact sports. Shiv Chatrapati awardee Rohit Chaudhari’s Radiant Sports Academy will train you from basics of offense, defense, control and power to advanced skills like ball placement, tactics against opponents to prepare you for the competitive level. Read More

Class 3 to 10
Gayatri Vartak

Badminton is being played all over the country and the world at large in many exciting formats. To cater to this need, we have devised a coaching module for Children as well as Adults, Non Professionals and Enthusiasts. Its aim will be enjoyment and participation coupled with the Basic and Intermediate level as well as cover fitness aspects. The focus will be on basics of the sport, correct footwork, stroke play using On and Off court drills. Importance will be given to methodical warm up, systematic stretching, global aspects of fitness and motor coordination along with agility exercises etc. We aim to provide the right direction for aspiring Children and Adults to attain Proficiency and Health & Fitness through Badminton. Read More

Class 3 to 10
Vijayan Arland

Football is fun, challenging and exciting. It is the second most popular sport in India. Vljayan Arland, using his many years of experience of playing football at professional level, plans to make football a safer game by using the right equipments, rules and coaching. Because a large variety of skills and physical abilities are required on a football team, there is a position for every child to play.

Class 3 to 10
Ravindra Pethe

This is a traditional Indian sport originated in Maharashtra and the only
event where an athlete performs vertically on a wooden pole. It is difficult to master but the health benefits outweigh the difficulty factors. It consists of combination of yogic postures and gymnastics elements. It improves dexterity, concentration and balance. More importantly it is an exercise of the complete body. Also there is tremendous scope for achievement at district, state and national levels. Shri Ravindra Pethe, who is a Shiv Chatrapati Awardee will mentor the sport.

Class 3 to 6
Rajiv Marathe
Kho Kho

Like all Indian games, it is simple, inexpensive and enjoyable. It does,
however, demand physical fitness, strength, speed and stamina, and a certain amount of ability. Dodging, feinting and bursts of controlled speed make this game quite thrilling. Shiv Chatrapati awardee Rajiv Marathe has mentored the game in school and made it quite popular in a short time. His intense passion and dedication instantly shows up in his students.

Class 3 to 10